Accomodation & Location

The seminar is located at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Where to stay during the seminar?

Click here for a suggestion of accomodation.

How to travel to the seminar?

The semiar will be in the so called "Q-house" on the campus of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and it is easy to get there. The exact address is Osquldas väg 6 and for those who are GPS-geeks, the coordinates are [N 59° 21' 0.57" E 18° 4' 0.58"].

There are several possibilities to go by public transportations (by bus, by underground (T-bana) or by commuter train (Roslagsbanan)). To see the time tables for these services, please visit the interactive Journey Planner or fill in the departure station in the customized journy planner below.
The nearest stop is:

From the bus stop/underground/commuter it is about 10 minutes (at most!) walk to the seminar building.

If you go by car you may park on the campus area, but there is sometimes hard to find a parking space on the campus.
NB! There is a parking fee on the campus even on weekends.

For a detailed map over the campus area, please visit this link

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