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Tech-Diving 2012 proudly present the best, most highly accredited individuals from the world of technical diving, to speak and share their expertise with you for one weekend.

Saturday 28th of January   Sunday 29th of January
08:00 Check-in and coffee

09:00 Exhibition opens

09:00 Coffee and exhibition opens
10:00 Presentation of the seminar, Erik Armerén and moderator Marko Wramén

10:00 Presentation of the day's program

10:15 The respiratory physiology of rebreather diving
Simon Mitchell
10:15 The last developments about O₂ and CO₂ sensors for rebreathers
Arne Sieber

11:15 Discovery of the British Warship HMS Ontario. 1780 British Warship Wreck in the Great Lakes
Jim Kennard


Deep stops or not
David Doolette

12:15 Lunch

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Photo and video techniques for extreme diving. Experiences from cave and deep ocean expeditions in Bahamas, Bermuda and Egypt
Jill Heinerth

13:15 Moderated RB discussion

14:15 Work of breathing in re-breathers
Oskar Frånberg
 14:15 Updates on isobaric counterdiffusion and gas switching during decompression
David Doolette

15:15 Coffee

 15:15 Coffee

15:45 From enthusiast project in the 90:s to major diving attraction, the exploration of the mine Tuna Hästberg now reaches 114m
Daniel Karlsson and Dmitri Gorski

 15:45 Searching for and diving the mighty Admiralship Mars
Richard Lundgren
16:45 Wrap-up of the day, Q&A

 16:45 Seminar wrap-up and goodbye

17:15 Visit our exhibition

19:00 Dinner at KTH restaurant

21:30 Pub    


Jan 28-29



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